and the Brew Dogs list 33 of America's top craft beer bars's Andy Kryza has teamed up with the Brew Dogs -- who will make their highly anticipated second-season premiere on the Esquire Network tonight (06.25.2014) -- to make their requisite annual list of "America's Best Craft Beer Bars." Refreshingly, the list isn't ordered -- it's merely a recognition of the best some of America's craft-beer-loving cities have to offer. If anything, the list snubs a few cities that are home to more than one amazing craft beer bar. Apparently 33 was the cut-off point?


Put together in a beautifully packaged website, using parallax background effects to showcase some excellent beer-porn photography (some that took me right back to my favorite stool at a few), this list really gives you a feel for the places that made the cut (and grind your browser to a halt if you're multitasking as much as I do). Each featured bar is warmly promoted, listing off its pedigree and qualifications for being on the list, as the Brew Dogs take us through 33 of America's finest.

Will your favorite craft beer bar make the list? Will you read the list in your head in a Scottish accent? Close some of the excessive browser tabs you have open, save and close that Photoshop project you were working on, hit pause on your streaming music playlist -- okay... so yes, I jest about the site being a resource-hog (that would be me) -- and check it out here.