2015 American Craft Beer Week Editorial

This year, American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) will be celebrated from May 11th through 17th.

According to the Brewers Association, "in 2006, the Brewers Association decided to make American Beer Month (traditionally in July), into a week-long coordinated effort, timed before the busy summer beer season... This week has become the largest national effort focusing on American craft beer, and remains so today."

All around you, in American cities large and small, special craft beer events will be taking place. We encourage you to seek them out... to ask your local craft beer bar what they're doing to celebrate ACBW. Maybe check out a new craft brewery or two, or see what your local homebrewing club or shop has planned. Odds are, it's something awesome.

For example, my own homebrew club recently brewed a special collaborative beer with one of our local breweries to be served during American Craft Beer Week. On a fun and eye-opening brew day, a handful of homebrewers at varying levels of experience got to see what brewing on a professional 15-barrel system is really like, thanks to an annual collaboration with 23rd Street Brewery in Lawrence, KS. This collaboration celebrates the relationship between homebrewers and professionals, our mutual love of great craft beer, and the opportunity to share that joy of brewing with the public. Odds are, there's an equally cool local craft beer event happening near you.

One list, though far from complete, can be found on the official ACBW Events page. Or perhaps your city loves craft beer so much, they dedicated a special event or week to craft beer of their own. These other "craft beer weeks" are celebrated throughout the USA, and can be found listed here.

No matter how you celebrate American Craft Beer Week, or show your patriotic love of craft beer and brewing, we wish you a safe and enjoyable one.

Yours in BrewLiving,



CraftBeer.com's American Craft Beer Week from Brewers Association on Vimeo.